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Agreement Navi Mumbai

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We pay stamp duty and registration fees online and will register your documents. We provide the registered rental contract by mail or paper, as the customer requires. I work in the IT industry, and wanted to make an apartment sharing lease, my friend suggested I contact Easy Rent Agreement, they explained the whole procedure and the importance of the rental contract, the procedure was simple and their service is satisfactory. I would definitely recommend Easy Rent Agreement. “UNDER Section 55 (1) of the Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999, any holiday and licensing or rental agreement between the landlord and the tenant or the licensee on the merits should be written and should be registered in accordance with the 1908 Registration Act.” For further applications to sign up for the online rental agreement, please contact us. A lease form contains information about the landlord, tenant, rent amount and contractual tenancy clauses. The lease can simply be established on the legal platform doc, if necessary, complex clauses such as notice, the period of deadlock, the liability of the landlord and the tenant can be agreed in the basic format of the rent of the house. With this basic information mentioned below, the terms are included in the lease format. The length of time the tenant is occupied. The rent will be paid by the tenants. The amount of the deposit. If the tenant can have pets. If it`s the parking lot. if it is the landlord or tenant who pays for the incidental costs. If subletting is allowed. How many people can stay in the rental unit. The reasons why the owner can enter the unit. The party who is responsible for paying legal fees in the event of a dispute. After registration, we share the final agreement by email. Prison sentence of three months or no more than `5000/- or both. NPST an “Authorized Service Provider” selected by the Department of Registration and Stamps, the Maharashtra government for the provision of online rental service has taken a step forward to reach citizens, raise awareness and provide a service at their comfortable time and place.

We used modern technology to create phone reach and web service for a simple transaction for citizens. Sign in and fill out an online form. Click here to register. Your draft contract will be drawn up automatically. You can add additional clauses if necessary. “”@type”: “Question,” “name”: “What documents are required for the lease?”, “accepted Answer”: “@type”: “Answer,” “text”:”AADHAR card of the landlord (owner), tenant and 2 witnesses. PAN card of the owner (owner of the house). Please note that the document number above is required for execution and that a physical copy of the documents is not required. @type”: “Question,” “name”:”Can it be possible to register a rental contract in a location other than the registrar?”, “acceptedAnswer”: “@type”:”Response,” “text”: “Yes, you can register a lease online at home or office or in any location. Our leader will visit any place you want for check-in. However, for offline check-in, you have no choice but to visit the nearest sub-registrar office for offline rentals. @type”: “Question,” “name”: “What is the amount of the tuition fee for leave and the licensing agreement?”, “accepted Response”: “@type”: “Answer,” “text”:”There are three types of fees-no1.

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