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Ctbt Facility Agreement

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Welcoming international agreements and other positive steps taken in recent years in the field of nuclear disarmament, including the reduction of nuclear weapons arsenals and the prevention of the proliferation of nuclear weapons in all its aspects, legal agreement between the Preparatory Commission of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTO) and any Member State that hosts an International Monitoring System (IMS) Mechanism, IMS is a global network of facilities built by ECTTO to monitor the subsoil, oceans and atmosphere in search of evidence of a nuclear explosion. 20. Ban Ki-moon, “Message of the Secretary-General of the United Nations,” in “Scientific Progress in monitoring and verifying CTBT,” CTBTO, June 2013, p. 5, The Government of Canada transmits to the IDC the data recorded or acquired using the formats and protocols to be indicated in the mechanism`s operating manual. This transmission is carried out through the most immediate and cost-effective means available through the National Computing Centre or through appropriate communication nodes. All data shipments to PrepCom through the PTS are free and all other fees charged by the government or a competent authority in Canada, with the exception of fees directly related to the costs of providing a service, which must not exceed the lowest rates charged to Canadian public authorities. (e) the exercise of administrative responsibilities related to agreements between the Organization and other international organizations. According to the CTBT, a facility agreement must be concluded with each of the 89 states that host IMS facilities. At the beginning of 2017, the facilities agreements came into force with 41 Member States (which together house a total of about 50% of all IMS agencies), while 8 others (8% of IMS bodies) have already been signed. Forty Member States (44% of all ISS institutions) have not yet signed an easy agreement.

Operational aspects: the facility agreements help to ensure coordination between ECTTO and the countries hosting IMS facilities with regard to technical visits by ECTO staff, access to the station, cooperation between local institutions, import and export assistance, notification and problem-solving, and physical security of the facility. (b) changes to other arrangements for certain facilities, such as those in the tables in Schedule 1 of the protocol (including, among other things, the state responsible for the establishment, the location, the name of the facility, the type of installation and the allocation of a device between the primary and auxiliary networks). (b) the operation and maintenance of the facilities of the international monitoring system, including, if necessary, the physical security of the facility, and the application of agreed procedures for authenticating data; (a) The requesting State Party may, subject to the agreement of the State Party inspected, send a representative of the requesting State Party or a third state to monitor the execution of the inspection on the spot; 22. Agreements or, where appropriate, agreements with States Parties or States Parties that otherwise host or otherwise support agencies in the international surveillance system contain provisions to cover these costs.

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