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Preliminary Engineering Agreement

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Following the previous planning meeting, the District Railroad Coordinator should conduct a diagnostic inspection with the railway company and the project team to visit and discuss the project site: existing licensing agreements and incentive authorization agreements are established by TRF-RSS, while all AFA and road maps will be established by the Railroadord District Coordinator. Interim railway activities may require separate correspondence agreements with the railway. The agreements clarify insurance and entry requirements and authorize the railway company to provide marking services. These agreements generally exist between the party (TxDOT or the local government), which provides engineering services for the project, and the railway company. Some key activities could include: If approved, Union Pacific will continue to work with you to develop plans, specifications and estimates of materials and costs for rail work related to your project. It is also clear that if the project is built, if necessary, at no cost to the railways, under separate agreements. If the existing agreement can be obtained, TRF-RSS will check whether TxDOT or the Road Service has a permit to cross the priority road or if the railway crosses the roadway by a right-hand clearance. TRF-RSS will also check what responsibilities have been defined with all parties in the original agreement and whether the new project is affected by these responsibilities. An AFA can be used as an annex to a C-M agreement to avoid a tripartite agreement involving local government.

In this scenario, the C-M agreement between TxDOT and the railway company can be concluded with the AFA to clarify maintenance tasks. The AFA also determines which party is responsible for advance planning (i.e. the development of plans) and which part will build the project. These agreements may also authorize the railway company to plan for advance planning of the rail priority. As of the date of this letter, railways have the following requirements for PE agreements: PE agreements are generally two to three parts and often do not contain cost estimates for railways as facilities, with one exception: KCS generally makes an estimate that includes time for both KCS employees and consultants. These estimates include a time of advice for the revision of engineering plans and for the inspection of the construction. The portion of the estimate used for the revision of the design plans is generally included in the PE agreement, while the construction inspection estimate is added to the C-M agreement.

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