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Sideline Agreement

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requirements. An Internet connection is required for the use of the incoming service for most applications. You are solely responsible for all charges and fees charged by the airlines and compliance with your agreements with your mobile operator. You authorize and grant the inbound provider a license for the use, copying, transmission, distribution, storage and storage of messages and other content sent and received via your account with the incoming service, to assign these rights to its third parties only as long as it is necessary to provide you with the service and to reveal the same rights as applicable law requires or permits. The incoming provider can provide you with the incoming service directly or through its suppliers and/or agents, including, but not only on the licensee. Both the basic collective agreements and the public servants` staff manual indicate that public servants are prohibited from having certain types of secondary jobs. UiO employees may not have these types of secondary jobs. UiO has applied these rules to the interests of owners who have the same effect. When applications for authorization of such contracts, offices or property interests are received, they must be rejected. It should be kept in mind that, in some cases, secondary activities, which are in principle exempt from the reporting requirement, may nevertheless require prior consent in accordance with Section 6. For example, external audit activities are excluded from the notification requirement. However, if the volume of these activities is very large, this may require prior authorization from the UiO in accordance with Section 6 D. However, this only applies in exceptional cases.

Normally, secondary activities that are not subject to reporting are not required under Section 6. UiO is generally positive compared to secondary jobs. Secondary jobs can contribute to the professional development of UiO staff, provide employees with hands-on experience and insight into the value of their innovative skills and their ability to make academic research and teaching relevant to society`s needs. Some secondary jobs also constitute professional recognition or offer a special opportunity to give or receive impetus, which will strengthen the authority of the UiO and the ability to assert itself in international competition. In addition, some secondary activities could contribute to the visibility and legitimization of the university`s activities. To cancel your Sideline Enterprise subscriptions, you must send an email termination notice to Section 7 of the Regulation prohibits workers from having property interests that place them in one of the positions described in Section 10.13.1 of the Public Service Personnel Manual ( (Norwegian). In other words, a worker will be prohibited from having property interests that disqualify public servants more than sporadically, which means that he or she can easily find himself in a conflict of loyalty about the organization in which he/she works at UiO, damaging the reputation of the UiO, etc.

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